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Save a Report

In Web Report Designer, you can save a report to your computer or publish report into Report Server.

Open the save menu in toolbar and click on Save option in the context menu. Save report into report server

If you have opened a report from server, the Save option will directly replace the report into server. If you have created a new report, the Save option will download the report to the local computer.

Save a report into report server

  1. Open the save menu in toolbar. Save menu in web designer
  2. In Save As option, click on To Server. It will launch the Save As Report dialog. Save a new report into report server
  3. Browse to the reports folder location and provide name for the report in Name field. Browse the reports folder in report server
  4. Click on Save button to save the report.
  5. If you are saving the report with duplicate report name, it will launch Save As Report alert dialog, Replace report alert
  6. Click Yes to replace the report or No to edit the report name in the name field.

Save report to your computer

  1. After designing the report, open the save menu in toolbar. In Save As option, click on To Device. Save report to device
  2. Now, the report will be automatically downloaded to the local computer.